Reviews on Heat Pumps Product

024 heat pumpHeat Pump may be known mostly by the people as an article which used only to warm the room. In fact, heat pump machine isn’t only used to make your room warmer but also used to colder your room when the weather is hot outside the room. Basically, heat pump product works with transferring the air either cold or warm from the outside into the room. That what makes the room becomes more comfortable to stay in. Heat pumps consist of two units; they are air handler and central air conditioner. Heat pumps mostly powered by electricity, in this case, every heat pumps product has what that is named by SEER and HSPF. Those are used to determine how efficient the heat pumps product is. The higher rating of SEER and HSPF the product has, the more efficient it is based on energy use.

In heat pumps industry, there are several companies available. Here are a glimpse reviews on heat pumps product from a number of heat pumps companies.

1.    Lennox Heat Pumps
Lennox is included as one of the popular heat pumps companies. It has at least three series of heat pumps product; they are Merit Series, Elite Series, and Dave Lennox Signature Collection. Merit series is the most affordable series from Lennox. Besides, Dave Signature Collection is the best series from Lennox. This heat pumps company has a specialty in providing a perfect air of the room either in hot or cold weather.

2.    York Heat Pumps
The other heat pumps product comes from York Company. This heat pumps company offers two series of heat pumps product; they are Affinity and LX series. Its affinity series offers efficient and noiseless heat pumps. Besides, LX series offers more compact heat pumps product. York products are included as an affordable heat pumps product. It costs around $ 1.600 till $ 3.700.

3.    Trane Heat Pumps
The last heat pumps product option is Trane. Trane products afford you more efficient heat pumps product with SEER and HSPF rating from 20 SEER/ 10 HSPF till 14 SEER/ 8.20 HSPF. There are 8 heat pumps products offered by Trane, they are XR14, XR15, XR16, XR17, XL16i, XL18i, XV18, and XV20i.