York Heat Pump – One Brand for Many Household Heat Pump Solutions

york heat pump 023There are countless brands of heat pumps that you can choose to use in your house. Some of the brands are famous and expensive while some of them are quite economical and affordable but not many people used it. If you are looking for an affordable heat pump with premium quality, you can browse the collection of York heat pump series. York has different types of heat pumps that fulfill the consumer needs of a livable climate in their house. Each model of the heat pumps from York has different features, performance, efficiency and price. Therefore, you can choose the best one for you budget.

If you are looking for the best seller series from York heat pump as on heatpumpdivas.com, you can choose The Affinity series. This series is actually the top line series from York. The first model from this series is the York YZH. It has two different energy systems. The first model is a single energy, while the other is the standard efficiency of a heat pump that is very efficient and economical. It is suitable for people who prefer something less expensive in installing a heat pump. The price for each model of the York heat pump varies. Basically, it starts from $2,400 up to $3,700.

If you are looking a respectable series from York heat pump, you may choose The LX. This series comes with only a single stage models. Therefore, if you choose double stage for better efficiency, you can choose other options with other brands. This series tends to be more economical with range of price started from $1,889 up to $2,689. If your house is located in the country that often experiences extreme climate change, it is better to choose more